HILO Thread Setting Plug Gages

Nominal Size2A3A
GO MemberNOT GO MemberGO MemberNOT GO Member
0-80 UNFHL0060802AGKHL0060802ANKHL0060803AGKHL0060803ANK
1-64 UNCHL0073642AGKHL0073642ANKHL0073643AGKHL0073643ANK
1-72 UNFHL0073722AGKHL0073722ANKHL0073723AGKHL0073723ANK
2-56 UNCHL0086562AGKHL0086562ANKHL0086563AGKHL0086563ANK
2-64 UNFHL0086642AGKHL0086642ANKHL0086643AGKHL0086643ANK
3-48 UNCHL0099482AGKHL0099482ANKHL0099483AGKHL0099483ANK
3-56 UNFHL0099562AGKHL0099562ANKHL0099563AGKHL0099563ANK
4-40 UNCHL0112402AGKHL0112402ANKHL0112403AGKHL0112403ANK
4-48 UNFHL0112482AGKHL0112482ANKHL0012483AGKHL0012483ANK
5-40 UNCHL0125402AGKHL0125402ANKHL0125403AGKHL0125403ANK
5-44 UNFHL0125442AGKHL0125442ANKHL0125443AGKHL0125443ANK
6-32 UNCHL0138322AGKHL0138322ANKHL0138323AGKHL0138323ANK
6-40 UNFHL0138402AGKHL0138402ANKHL0138403AGKHL0138403ANK
8-32 UNCHL0164322AGKHL0164322ANKHL0164323AGKHL0164323ANK
8-36 UNFHL0164362AGKHL0164362ANKHL0164363AGKHL0164363ANK
10-24 UNCHL0190242AGKHL0190242ANKHL0190243AGKHL0190243ANK
10-32 UNFHL0190322AGKHL0190322ANKHL0190323AGKHL0190323ANK
12-24 UNCHL0216242AGKHL0216242ANKHL0216243AGKHL0216243ANK
12-28 UNFHL0216282AGKHL0216282ANKHL0216283AGKHL0216283ANK
12-32 UNEFHL0216322AGKHL0216322ANKHL0216323AGKHL0216323ANK
1/4-20 UNCHL0250202AGKHL0250202ANKHL0250203AGKHL0250203ANK
1/4-28 UNFHL0250282AGKHL0250282ANKHL0250283AGKHL0250283ANK
1/4-32 UNEFHL0250322AGKHL0250322ANKHL0250323AGKHL0250323ANK
5/16-18 UNCHL0312182AGKHL0312182ANKHL0312183AGKHL0312183ANK
5/16-24 UNFHL0312242AGKHL0312242ANKHL0312243AGKHL0312243ANK
5/16-32 UNEFHL0312322AGKHL0312322ANKHL0312323AGKHL0312323ANK
3/8-16 UNCHL0375162AGKHL0375162ANKHL0375163AGKHL0375163ANK
3/8-24 UNFHL0375242AGKHL0375242ANKHL0375243AGKHL0375243ANK
3/8-32 UNEFHL0375322AGKHL0375322ANKHL0375323AGKHL0375323ANK
7/16-14 UNCHL0437142AGKHL0437142ANKHL0437143AGKHL0437143ANK
7/16-20 UNFHL0437202AGKHL0437202ANKHL0437203AGKHL0437203ANK
7/16-28 UNEFHL0437282AGKHL0437282ANKHL0437283AGKHL0437283ANK
1/2-13 UNCHL0500132AGKHL0500132ANKHL0500133AGKHL0500133ANK
1/2-20 UNFHL0500202AGKHL0500202ANKHL0500203AGKHL0500203ANK
1/2-28 UNEFHL0500282AGKHL0500282ANKHL0500283AGKHL0500283ANK
9/16-12 UNCHL0562122AGKHL0562122ANKHL0562123AGKHL0562123ANK
9/16-18 UNFHL0562182AGKHL0562182ANKHL0562183AGKHL0562183ANK
9/16-24 UNEFHL0562242AGKHL0562242ANKHL0562243AGKHL0562243ANK
5/8-11 UNCHL0625112AGKHL0625112ANKHL0625113AGKHL0625113ANK
5/8-18 UNFHL0625182AGKHL0625182ANKHL0625183AGKHL0625183ANK
5/8-24 UNEFHL0625242AGKHL0625242ANKHL0625243AGKHL0625243ANK
11/16-24 UNEFHL0687242AGKHL0687242ANKHL0687243AGKHL0687243ANK
3/4-10 UNCHL0750102AGKHL0750102ANKHL0750103AGKHL0750103ANK
3/4-16 UNFHL0750162AGKHL0750162ANKHL0750163AGKHL0750163ANK
3/4-20 UNEFHL0750202AGKHL0750202ANKHL0750203AGKHL0750203ANK
13/16-20 UNEFHL0812202AGKHL0812202ANKHL0812203AGKHL0812203ANK
7/8-9 UNCHL0875092AGKHL0875092ANKHL0875093AGKHL0875093ANK
7/8-14 UNFHL0875142AGKHL0875142ANKHL0875143AGKHL0875143ANK
7/8-20 UNEFHL0875202AGKHL0875202ANKHL0875203AGKHL0875203ANK
15/16-20 UNEFHL0937202AGKHL0937202ANKHL0937203AGKHL0937203ANK
1-8 UNCHL1000082AGKHL1000082ANKHL1000083AGKHL1000083ANK
1-12 UNFHL1000122AGKHL1000122ANKHL1000123AGKHL1000123ANK
1-14 UNSHL1000142AGKHL1000142ANKHL1000143AGKHL1000143ANK
1-20 UNEFHL1000202AGKHL1000202ANKHL1000203AGKHL1000203ANK
1 1/16-12 UNFHL1062122AGKHL1062122ANKHL1062123AGKHL1062123ANK
1 1/16-18 UNEFHL1062182AGKHL1062182ANKHL1062183AGKHL1062183ANK
1 1/8-7 UNCHL1125072AGKHL1125072ANKHL1125073AGKHL1125073ANK
1 1/8-12 UNFHL1125122AGKHL1125122ANKHL1125123AGKHL1125123ANK
1 1/8-18 UNEFHL1125182AGKHL1125182ANKHL1125183AGKHL1125183ANK
1 3/16-12 UNFHL1187122AGKHL1187122ANKHL1187123AGKHL1187123ANK
1 3/16-18 UNEFHL1187182AGKHL1187182ANKHL1187183AGKHL1187183ANK
1 1/4-7 UNCHL1250072AGKHL1250072ANKHL1250073AGKHL1250073ANK
1 1/4-12 UNFHL1250122AGKHL1250122ANKHL1250123AGKHL1250123ANK
1 1/4-18 UNEFHL1250182AGKHL1250182ANKHL1250183AGKHL1250183ANK
1 5/16-12 UNFHL1312122AGKHL1312122ANKHL1312123AGKHL1312123ANK
1 5/16-18 UNEFHL1312182AGKHL1312182ANKHL1312183AGKHL1312183ANK
1 3/8-6 UNCHL1375062AGKHL1375062ANKHL1375063AGKHL1375063ANK
1 3/8-12 UNFHL1375122AGKHL1375122ANKHL1375123AGKHL1375123ANK
1 3/8-18 UNEFHL1375182AGKHL1375182ANKHL1375183AGKHL1375183ANK
1 7/16-12 UNFHL1437122AGKHL1437122ANKHL1437123AGKHL1437123ANK
1 7/16-18 UNEFHL1437182AGKHL1437182ANKHL1437183AGKHL1437183ANK
1 1/2-6 UNCHL1500062AGKHL1500062ANKHL1500063AGKHL1500063ANK
1 1/2-12 UNFHL1500122AGKHL1500122ANKHL1500123AGKHL1500123ANK
1 1/2-18 UNEFHL1500182AGKHL1500182ANKHL1500183AGKHL1500183ANK

Most times, you have to rely on an individual’s sense of “good feel”, “good fit”, or amount of “shake”, to set an adjustable ring gage with a truncated setting plug gage. And sometimes the accuracy of human judgment is highly debatable…especially if you’re looking at hundreds of rejected parts.

A HILO setting plug gage provides optimum ring gage accuracy, without subjective human judgments for “fit”, “feel”, or “shake”. It only relies on an inspector to turn it into the thread ring, and then helps the inspector make foolproof adjustments. Here’s how:

First, the adjustable ring is set so it can be threaded onto the LO pitch diameter. The second or HI pitch diameter portion indicates that the setting is too high if the ring gage can be threaded on to it more than 1½ turns. The setting is correct when the adjustable ring gage can be threaded only onto the LO pitch diameter portion, but not more than 1½ turns on the HI. It’s that simple!

Prolongs Ring Gage Life: How many gages has your company scrapped or sent to be reconditioned because the “feel”, “fit”, or “shake” wasn’t right? HILO set plugs can tell you without a doubt when flanks are excessively worn, or too much “bellmouthing” has affected the accuracy of your gage. Plus, since HILO plugs are designed for the full use of the pitch diameter tolerance, you can often discover additional tolerances in thread rings that couldn’t be found with conventional set plug gages.

More Than Just a Setting Plug: HILO is the only plug gage available with the HI and LO portions ground and lapped with identical lead and angles. That means you can use a HILO plug gage to perform positive and dependable wear checks on solid ring gages too.

HILO Thread Setting Gages For Standard and Special Threads: HILO master setting plug gages are designed to precisely size and check minimum and maximum tolerances of adjustable and solid type threaded ring gages. They’re also ideal for checking flanks and angles for wear, and to determine excessive “bellmouthing”. Each gage is engraved to indicate: size, threads per inch, thread type, and minimum pitch diameter limit for quick identification.

For Highly Accurate Adjustable Ring Gage Settings: HILO set plugs take the guesswork out of setting high and low tolerances on adjustable thread ring gages. These unique setting plugs are designed with two different thread pitch diameters. The front portion is the low tolerance limit, and the back portion is the high tolerance limit. By adjusting the ring gage so it will thread onto the front portion without threading more than 1½ turns onto the back portion, a precise setting is achieved.

Worn Flank Checks: The back portion, or high limit end of each HILO gage has the outside diameter of the thread truncated in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.2, latest edition. It automatically furnishes a check on worn flanks similar to, but more exacting than, standard truncated setting plug gages.

Angle Checks: In addition, HILO setting plugs can also provide a precise angle check on ring gages because of the high limit pitch diameter, and the low outside diameter on the back portion of the plug. Any worn flanks or angles will be indicated when the ring gage fits snugly on the low pitch diameter portion, and enters the high pitch diameter portion more than 1½ turns.

“Bellmouthing” Inspection: The amount of excessive ring gage “bellmouthing” can be determined by the number of turns required for the high pitch diameter portion to enter the ring. If the high portion does not enter the ring, the ring is within tolerance.

Solid Ring Gage Checks: Since the HILO setting plug has the low and high limit portions ground and lapped with identical leads and angles, the low and high limits on solid gages can be easily and accurately checked. The HILO plug design provides a completely positive and dependable wear check, and allows for full utilization of the pitch diameter tolerance inside the ring in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.2, latest edition.

Manufacturing Standards
Material: High Speed Steel (Up to 1 ½” Diameter)
LO Pitch Diameter Tolerance (Minimum Ring Pitch Diameter Tolerance): ± 0.00005”
HI Pitch Diameter Tolerance (Maximum Ring Pitch Diameter Tolerance): + 0.0001”
Lead & Angles: W Tolerance
Major Diameter Back Portion (HI): Truncated per ANSI/ASME B1.2 (Class X)
Major Diameter Back Portion (LO): Full Form (Class X)
Straightness & Taper: ANSI/ASME B1.2, Latest Edition

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