Thread Setting Plug Gages

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PMC Mercury Truncated Thread Setting Plug Gages have a full form threaded portion and a truncated portion. The pitch diameter is constant over the full length and the length of the thread is approximately twice that of the corresponding ring gage. The full form portion checks the pitch diameter and the major diameter clearance. The truncated portion checks pitch diameter and flank angle wear thus assuring the proper setting and control of thread ring gages. Setting Plug Gages are used for setting and evaluating adjustable thread ring gages. Standard Thread Setting Plugs are class X tolerance on pitch diameter, while holding W tolerance on lead and angles. Our set plug gages are stocked in 2A and 3A Class of Fit.

PMC Mercury Truncated Thread Setting Plug Gages are available in class W tolerance, left hand, special sizes and special pitch diameter. Please specify nominal diameter, threads per inch and Go or Not Go member (or both in double end handle) and 2A or 3A class of fit. Handles are not included with members unless specified. Customer specific tool numbers marked upon request.

Pitch 00Nominal Best Wire
Diameter (mm)
0.20 mm0.115560D0020MM
0.225 mm0.129960D00225MM
0.25 mm0.144360D0025MM
0.30 mm0.173260D0030MM
0.35 mm0.202160D0035MM
0.40 mm0.230960D0040MM
0.45 mm0.259860D0045MM
0.50 mm0.288760D0050MM
0.60 mm0.346460D0060MM
0.70 mm0.404160D0070MM
0.75 mm0.43360D0075MM
0.80 mm0.461960D0080MM
0.90 mm0.519660D0090MM
1.00 mm0.577460D1000MM
1.25 mm0.721760D1025MM
1.50 mm0.86660D1050MM
1.75 mm1.010460D1075MM
2.00 mm1.154760D2000MM
2.50 mm1.443460D2050MM
3.00 mm1.732160D3000MM
3.50 mm2.020760D3050MM
4.00 mm2.309460D4000MM
4.50 mm2.598160D4050MM
5.00 mm2.886860D5000MM
5.50 mm3.175460D5050MM
6.00 mm3.464160D6000MM
7.00 mm4.041560D7000MM
8.00 mm4.618860D8000MM
9.00 mm5.196260D9000MM
10.00 mm5.773560D10000MM

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