Thread Gages

X Tolerance for Go and Not Go Thread Gages Taperlock Steel Thread Plug Gages Taperlock HSS  TiN Coated Thread Plug Gages
Reversible Steel Thread Plug Gages Thread Setting Plug Gages Adjustable Thread Ring Gages

Choosing PMC Mercury threaded gages to ensure your part is within your specified limits will have a positive effect on your production costs. Go and Not Go Thread Gages are used in manufacturing applications to provide the user with a quick and accurate method of inspecting and verifying that their threaded product meets the required specification.

PMC Mercury threaded gages are ground, precision lapped and then meticulously inspected to every thread element. We make our gages to X-tolerance and we stock class 2A/2B for general applications such as bolt, nut, screw and similar threaded fasteners and class 3A/3B for applications where closeness of fit and accuracy of lead and angle of thread are important. Metric Thread Gages are stocked in standard 6H and 6g Tolerance.

PMC Mercury Precision Measuring Tools Handbook No. 37 is the number one resource for everything you need to know about Threaded Gages and is a great reference guide for any shop or laboratory. Thread Identification Designations and Terminology and much more can be found in the PMC Mercury Precision Measuring Tools Handbook No. 37. (EDP No: VKHANDBOOK37)

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