Vernier Caliper Masters

PMC Mercury Vernier Caliper Masters accurately check outside jaws, inside jaws and parallax of jaws on your Vernier calipers. Our gages are hardened, stabilized, ground and lapped for long wear life and gaging accuracy and are ideal for detecting worn spots in Vernier Caliper Blades. Long Form N.I.S.T. Traceable Certs are available. Both models are marked with inch or metric measurements. Please indicate inch or metric at time of order.

Vernier Caliper Masters – also known as “Kalmasters”

PMC Mercury Kalmaster K-1 is a convenient way to place your 6-inch Vernier calipers in a surveillance program. Our K-1 has 12 settings for checking inside and outside jaws, jaw frames, rack lead error and the anvils over the entire 6-inch range. All calibrations are accurate to ±0.0001”. Durable wood storage case included.
K-1 Range: 1” – 6” (25.40 mm – 152.40 mm)
EDP No. V701277

PMC Mercury Kalmaster K-2 includes the same features as our K-1 but has 24 settings for checking over a 12-inch range. 0 to 6” range is accurate to ±0.0001” and 7” to 12” range is accurate to ±0.0002”. Durable wood storage case included.
K-2 Range: 1” – 12” (25.40 mm – 304.80 mm)
EDP No. V701280

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