Thread Measuring Wire Sets

Set No.SizesEDP No.
60 Degree Thread Measuring Wires
30 HS*30 sizes (5 to 80 TPI), with case60D5-80TPI
34 HS34 sizes (4 to 80 TPI), with case60D4-80TPI
20 HS*20 sizes (6 to 36 TPI), with case60D6-36TPI
60 Degree Metric Thread Measuring Wires
30M30 sizes (.2 pitch to 10 pitch), with case60D.2-10.0P
23M23 sizes (.3 pitch to 6 pitch), with case60D.3-6.0P
29 Degree Acme Best Threads
22AB22 sizes (1 to 20 TPI), with case29D1-20TPI
16AB16 sizes (3 1/2 to 20 TPI), with case29D3-1/2-20
*7 1/2 & 22 TPI not included in these sets. Cases and vials are available.

Wire Holders and Thread Measuring Wires are shipped from our factory unassembled for your convenience. Each Thread Measuring Wire Set comes in a wooden case with customizable labels. Please specify Threads Per Inch and Anvil Size when ordering.


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