Grand Master Calibration Sets

Set No.SizesEDP No.
20 HSC20 sizes (6 to 36 TPI)V396930
30 HSC30 sizes (5 to 80 TPI)V396950
34 HSC34 sizes (4 to 80 TPI)V396970
30 MC30 sizes (.2 to 10 mm pitch)V396960
23 MC23 sizes (.3 to 6 mm pitch)V396940
22 ABC22 sizes (1 to 20 TPI)V397010

PMC Mercury Grand Master Calibration Sets are supplied in durable corrosion resistant containers in fitted cases and are identified by serial numbers. Our Grand Master Sets include Certificate of Calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.. Grand Master Calibration Sets are made to order and are not returnable. One master wire for each pitch is included in the set. Please call 1-800-825-4272 and we will gladly prepare a quote.

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