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It’s widely recognized that PMC Mercury pioneered the use of Thread Measuring Wires for pitch diameter measurements of gages, parts and taps. With the support of PMC Gage’s ongoing investments in quality, continuous improvements are made to ensure the highest quality attainable. Stock wires are shipped from White House, Tennessee within one day of receipt of order.

The roundness of the Thread Measuring Wires is assured by 100% inspection in a specially designed instrument that has the same angles as the thread to be measured. All PMC Mercury Thread and Gear Measuring Wires meet the most recent edition of ASME B89.1.17, which for identity of size, taper and roundness requires a tolerance of 0.00001” for Grade A Wires.

Wire sizes are identified as nominal and the calibrated size will show on the label with correct matching constant. The calibrated wire diameter will be with ± 0.000010 of the exact size of each wire and within ± 0.000020 of the nominal best wire diameter (G), as specified for Grade A Wires.

Each comes with three wires per set. Class XX, Extra Length, Solid Carbide, Flatted Wires and other specials are available – please call us at 1-800-825-4272 and we will gladly prepare a quote for you.

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