Reflex Interference Viewer

Series DescriptionWidthHeightDepthWeightEDP No.
U-6 Monochromatic
Reflex Interference Viewer
(For use with 6" flat)
10-1/2"17"14"19 lbs.V760300
U-12 Monochromatic
Reflex Interference Viewer
(For use with 12" flat)
24"48"24"46 lbs.V760302
U-14 Monochromatic
Reflex Interference Viewer
(For use with 14" flat)
30"48"31"80 lbs.V760303
Series DescriptionSizeEDP No.
C-15" SquareV760500
C-26 RunV760502
C-310 RunV760501
L-1A10 RunV760501
L-2A10 RunV760501
U-66 RunV760502
U-126 RunV760502
Small Chart (12" x 17")-V980138
Large Wall Chart (38" x 25")-V980139
Video on Optical Flats-V980141

U-Series Lights and Helium Replacement Tubes

For rapid production inspection with maximum precision on polished or lapped work. In the PMC Mercury Reflex Viewer, the Optical Flat is secured above the light in a fixed cell; the work is placed on top of the flat and bands noted. Keeping the work on top of the flat avoids serious distortion due to the weight of the flat when the work is small or delicate. Work larger than the flat can be inverted and moved across the flat for two or more observations. Handling of the optical flat is entirely eliminated and risk of accidental damage or excessive wear is greatly diminished.

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