Monochromatic Lights

Series DescriptionWidthHeightDepthWeightEDP No.
C-1 Monochromatic Light
(Work size up to a full 4" square)
6-1/2"7-1/2"9"7 lbs.V760100
C-2 Monochromatic Light
(Work size to over 6" diameter)
12"11"11"16 lbs.V760101
C-3 Monochromatic Light
(Work capacity of over 12")
22"16-1/2"18-1/2"42 lbs.V760103
Standard L-1A Monochromatic Light
(Work size up to 8")
15"22-1/2"17"50 lbs.V760200
Standard L-2A Monochromatic Light
(Work size up to 12")
15"22-1/2"17"50 lbs.V760201

C & L Series Lights

Monochromatic Lights detect surface variation or error as small as 0.000001 thus improving the speed of inspection on flat surfaces such as rotary seals and valves where the flatness of the sealing surface is critical. Aerospace, military organizations and laboratories around the world benefit from using PMC Mercury Monochromatic Lights. PMC Mercury monochromatic lights use a helium source with a light of 23.13 millionth wavelength (587.6 mm) and are available in three styles. Our lights are made with fine woods.

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