Monochromatic Lights Reflex Interference Viewer Optical Flats
Contoureader SquareMaster

PMC Mercury proudly offers the highest quality instruments to solve your toughest measuring needs. A wonderful addition to the PMC Mercury Instruments line of products: PMC Gage ContouReader and PMC Gage SquareMaster.

Monochromatic Lights

Monochromatic Lights detect surface variation or error as small as .000001 thus improving the speed of inspection on flat surfaces such as rotary seals and valves where the flatness of the sealing surface is critical. Aerospace, military organizations and laboratories around the world benefit from using PMC Mercury Monochromatic Lights.

Quartz Optical Flats

PMC Mercury Fused Quartz Optical Flats are the ideal material and design for flatness and height measurement because the quality of the quartz in PMC Mercury Quartz Optical Flats is capable of producing the required functionality.

PMC SquareMaster™

The SquareMaster™ can measure with an accuracy of ± 0.000050 of an inch (50 millionths) over any 12” of specified range. No hand gage even comes close. The SquareMaster™ can be used for virtually any measurement of straightness, squareness or parallelism on interior or exterior surfaces. Its precision direct dial readout substitutes reliable and repeatable results for the subjective calculations you probably now make.

PMC ContouReader™

The ContouReader™ by PMC Lonestar is part of a new generation of precision instruments to inspect both internal and external dimensions of literally thousands of parts to guarantee the quality of your products. We offer two versions of the ContouReader™; a standard and new Windows-based computerized version. The ContouReader™ inspects everything from dimples on golf balls to turbine blades with the same repeatable accuracy to reveal any defects, deviation from specifications, or rough edges that can adversely affect product quality.

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