Plain Reversible Plug Gages

Size Range (From - To)ClassesHandle No.Length of Member (Inches)Useful Gaging Depth
0.0030" - 0.0100"0.0762 mm - 0.2540 mmZ1W1.00"1/2
0.0101" - 0.0299"0.254 mm - 0.75946 mmXX, X, Y, Z1W2.00"1 1/2
0.0300" - 0.0749"0.762 mm - 1.90246 mmXX, X, Y, Z1W2.00"1 1/2
0.0750" - 0.1799"1.905 mm - 4.56946 mmXX, X, Y, Z2W2.00"1 1/2
0.1800" - 0.2809"4.572 mm - 7.13486 mmXX, X, Y, Z3W2.00"1 1/2
0.2810" - 0.4059"7.1374 mm - 10.309 mmXX, X, Y, Z4W2.00"1 1/2
0.4060" - 0.5099"10.312 mm - 12.952 mmXX, X, Y, Z5W2.00"1 1/2
0.5100" - 0.6349"12.954 mm - 16.126 mmXX, X, Y, Z6W2.00"1 1/2
0.6350" - 0.7609"16.129 mm - 19.304 mmXX, X, Y, Z7W2.00"1 1/2
0.7610" - 1.0000"19.329 mm - 25.400 mmXX, X, Y, Z8W2.00"1 1/2

Reversible Plug Gages (Pin Gages or Wire Type Gages)

PMC Mercury Plain Cylindrical Reversible Plug Gages, also known as Pin Gages or Wire Type Gages are precision lapped for best accuracy and finish and are held to size their entire length which permits use of both ends of the gage. PMC Mercury Plain Plug gages are available in inch or metric and finishes of steel, chrome or solid carbide. Plain Reversible Plug Gages are made to order. Please specify diameter in inch or metric, tolerance class, and application of tolerance – Go (plus), Not Go (minus) or Master (bilateral or split). Handles are not included with single members. Please specify with handle if required. Size, tolerance and tool number are permanently marked on the handle at no extra cost. Chrome, Depth steps, Air Grooves, Carbide, and special sizes are available – please call 1-800-825-4272 and we will gladly prepare a quote. Premium three and five day delivery available.

Wire type or reversible plug gages were originated by PMC Mercury in 1923. The wire type design is extremely efficient and economical because the entire surface of the gage may be used and can be reversed or cut-off to increase gage life. PMC Mercury plug gages are a highly accurate, economical and convenient tool for hole inspection where a determination is made of compliance within design limits. Close accuracies can be obtained for laboratories and quality departments requiring precise inspection without the lengthy and expensive set-up time of measuring instruments. The fixed dimension of a plug gage eliminates out-of-calibration and cumulative errors. We suggest using plugs gages as Go/Not Go combinations to ensure the hole meets the low and upper limits of the specified design dimensions. Standard practices indicate that 10% of your product tolerance is divided between the Go/Not Go gages. Go gages are plus tolerance and not go gages are minus tolerance. Our gages are available in four classes of tolerance as standard and may be quoted as Class ZZ.

Ordering Information: Locate your size and tolerance. Go is Plus; Not go is minus and Master is split (bilateral). Specify if you require a member only; member with one single-end handle or a Go/Not Go assembly in a double end handle. Available in Chrome – please call for a quote. Handles will be marked with size, Go/Not Go and your tool number if provided. Gages are shipped in clear vials. Certificate of Conformance or Long Form N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificates are available.

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