Progressive Taperlock Plug Gages

Size Range (From - To)AGD Progressive member LengthGO member LengthNOT GO member LengthHandle No.
0.105" - 0.1499"2.67 mm - 3.81 mm23/32"18.3 mm3/8"9.5 mm7/32"5.6 mm0
0.150" - 0.2299"3.81 mm - 5.84 mm13/16"20.6 mm13/32"10.3 mm9/32"7.1 mm0
0.230" - 0.3649"5.84 mm - 9.27 mm1-3/16"30.2 mm3/4"19.1 mm5/16"7.9 mm1
0.365" - 0.5099"9.27 mm - 12.95 mm1-1/2"38.1 mm1"25.4 mm3/8"9.5 mm2
0.510" - 0.8249"12.95 mm - 20.96 mm1-7/8"47.6 mm1-1/4"31.8 mm1/2Ó12.7 mm3
0.825" - 1.1349"20.96 mm - 28.83 mm2-1/8"54.0 mm1-3/8"34.9 mm5/8Ó15.9 mm4
1.135" - 1.5100"28.83 mm - 38.35 mm2-3/8"60.3 mm1-1/2"38.1 mm3/4Ó19.1 mm5

PMC Mercury Progressive Taperlock Plug Gages are the ideal tool for saving time in any laboratory or manufacturing operation because you can inspect a part in one operation. Both the Go and Not Go members are in line as part of the same gage element.

Also available in Trilock Handle Style, metric, special sizes, chrome and solid carbide. Please specify handle style and marking instructions at time of order: Go size, Not Go size and tool number.

All sizes of progressive taperlock plug gages are available in classes XX, X, Y, Z and ZZ.

(LINE DRAWING) Gaging lengths for progressive style may vary from general taperlock dimensions. The shanks on the gaging member are tapered to fit corresponding taper holes in the handles. Worn members may be removed and the handle salvaged for use with new members.

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